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Warrior Pharaoh Thutmose 3



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"I face my foes like a strong hearted lion" -The undefeated Thutmose III was an Egyptian Warrior pharaoh who lived between 1479 and 1425 BC. He was the sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty. He possessed all the qualities of a great ruler. A brilliant general who never lost a battle, he also excelled as an administrator and statesman. He was an accomplished horseman, archer, athlete, and discriminating patron of the arts.
Thutmose III found himself faced with many enemies when he came to the throne.
To prevent foreign rule like under the Hyksos to ever happen again, Thutmose III would assemble the largest army the world had ever seen to that date. Undaunted, Thutmose immediately set out with his army, crossed the Sinai desert, and marched to the city of Gaza, which had remained loyal to Egypt. He quickly proved himself to be a military genius of his time. He understood the value of logistics, supply lines, the necessity of rapid movement, and sudden surprise attack.
He lead by example, and was also probably the first person in history to really utilize sea-power to support his campaigns. Thutmose III emerged victorious in all his battles, and conducted sixteen campaigns in Palestine, Syria, and Nubia. His treatment of the conquered was always humane. He would consolidate the first Empire in human history and the wealthiest dynasty to ever rule the earth. He is compared with Napoleon, but unlike Napoleon, he never lost a battle. 
Thutmose 3 Warrior Pharaoh shirt  by ЯAM⊙MAR NY. 

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