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King Ashurnasirpal Coronation Sweatshirt

King Ashurnasirpal Coronation Sweatshirt


Black & Gold
  •  Gold Ornament Assyrian textiles  Front & Back
  • Crew Neck Sweatshirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Made in USA
  • *Item ships 2-3 business days*

These ornaments textiles have been given in detail as they are highly interesting and throw light on the religious system and myths of the Assyrians. They were evidently invested with a sacred character, the groups are symbolical, and resemble those on cylinder seals and amulets, discovered in Assyria and Babylonian ruins. Two kings in the center appear to be engage in some religious ceremony above them is the winged disk embelematical of the supreme deity Ashur, and between them the sacred Tree of Life. The king attended by Wing figures the eagle headed God and the man with the horn crown struggling with two winged bulls are also introduced. This group is enclosed by two winged figures carrying the pine cone and a square utensil or basket both evidently secret emblems, or used in religious ceremonies. It may be presumed that these ornaments or gold embroidered on a silk or wool and garment and not embossed or Graven on a breastplate of metal. They occur on the dress of the king Ashurnasirpal represented at his palace at Nimrud (Iraq).

King Ashurnasirpal Coronation by ЯAM⊙MAR NY.