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Goddess Trim T-shirt Black

Goddess Trim T-shirt Black


Black & Gold
  • Golden Goddess Isis Wings Front & Back
  • Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Made in USA
  •  Item Ships 2-3 business days

Human life last 60-80 years. The Gods will endure for millions and billions of years.  They existed before we were here and will endure after we are gone. The Spring/Summer 2019 t-shirt textles consist of goddesses Aset(Isis), Nebhet(Nepthis), Hetheru(Hathor) and Maat upholding the Ra monogram in the heavens, with a backdrop of the starry sky of the goddess Nut and vulture Nekhbet wings. These various divine female characteristics represent different aspects of nature and creation. The sky, the stars, the moon and universal harmonious balance embodied in female figures with titles and characteristics. This protective aspect of the symbol of wings was key in Egyptian thought; so almost invariably, when you see the open wings of a Deity, the wings are intended to protect. We see images of Isis standing behind Osiris, Her wings enfolding Him in the protective power of Her magic. We see Isis, Nebhet, Nut, or Maat on the ceiling of a tomb or shrine door as They cast their winged protection out over the chamber and its occupant like a net. We see the winged disk hovering above temple doorways, protecting all that passes within. Furthermore, the Egyptian word for "to fold the wings," sekhen, also means to embrace. An Egyptian menstruation post mimicked the protective empire of Osiris by Isis And surely, it was Isis' protecting, enfolding, winged arms that the Egyptian mother had in mind when she recited this protective charm for her child: "My arms are over this child- the arms of Isis are over him, as she put her arms over her son Horus.

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Goddess Trim T-shirt  by ЯAM⊙MAR NY.