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Golden Heru Falcon

Golden Heru Falcon



For the Pharaohs the Falcon they called 'Bik' was the embodiment of the sky god Hru(Horus). The oldest cult that pre dated the unification of Egypt was called the 'ShmsuHr' or those who follow Horus. The term Heru or Horus means light or day and is the root of the modern word 'Hours' or light in a day. The ancients observed the Falcon had the unique hunting tactic of using the sunlight behind them as they swoop down on their prey. It's as if wings suddenly appeared out of the sun disc in the sky. This winged sun disc will become known as 'Heru Behdet' and is seen over every temple gate way in Egypt since the old kingdom. These natural observations and ancient mythologies inspired our Heru falcon sneakers, for those ancient and modern who wish to follow in the footsteps of Heru like the pharaohs of old.  

  • 100% Metallic gold patent Leather 
  • Mesh Lining
  • Heru Falcon Wing reflective details
  • Metallic gold logo stamp insole
  • Falcon Head Padding at the back ankle
  • Winged Disc Monogram side logo 
  • Rubber sole
  • Made in Portugal