• King Amenhotep III Heb Sed Red Plaid


King Amenhotep III Heb Sed Red Plaid



  • Crew Neck Red & White Plaid T-Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Made in USA
King Amenhotep III Heb Sed cotton plaid  T-shirt. The inscription in the center anf both sleeves reads: 'Hr nhk nht m h'i maat nbty smn hpw sgrh tawy hr nbu hps hy sttyw nsw bity nb tawy NbMaatRa SaRa ImnHtpHqaWst di Ankh Ws Djd Djt Mi Ra Nhh" The titulary of Amenhotep III on the center and sleeves reads , with his five names, beginning with his Horus name was Kanakht Khaemmaat (“Strong Bull, Arising in Thebes”) followed by his Nebty name, Semenhepusegerehtawy (“One establishing laws, pacifying the two lands”) and his Golden Horus name which was Aakhepesh-husetiu (“Great of valour, smiting the Asiatics”). Lastly are his (prenomen), which was “King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the two lands” Neb-maat-ra (“Lord of Truth is Ra”), and his (nomen) which was “The son of Ra” Amenhotep Heqawaset (“Amun is Pleased, Ruler of Thebes) “May he be given life”
Beginning in 1391 B.C., NebMaatRa Amenhotep III was for 38 years the richest man on earth and commander in chief of the largest, best equipped army of its day. A successful though infrequent warrior, he was also a thoroughly cultivated man – religious, literate, and an art lover – at the height of Egypt's Eighteenth Dynasty, what is often called her “Golden Age.” His foreign vassals addressed him as “the Sun,” and he justifiably called himself “dazzling,” here termed “radiant” for his effect on the then-known world. One could search for his equal through all the rulers of ancient Rome, the emperors of China, the kings and queens of England and France, and the czars of Russia and generally come up wanting. His lengthy reign was a period of unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendour, when Egypt reached the peak of her artistic and international power. Amenhotep 3 wears Upper Egypt's tall conical white crown with its bulb shaped point was presented by priests wearing mask representing the gods of the south. Lower Egypt's platform shaped Redcrown with its spike at the back and curlicue in the front was presented by masked priest representing the lower Nile cult centers. The two crowns merged perfectly to form a double crown the white one inserting itself into the platform of the red, between curlicue and spike representing the perfect fit of upper and lower Egypt into a unified realm. Perched above the center of the Kings forehead was a gilded and bejeweled sacred cobra Uraeus, its tail curled tightly over the crown like a coil ready to spring the head forward to spit poison into the eyes of anyone daring to gaze directly at the King. A 2008 list compiled by Forbes magazine found Amenhotep III to be the twelfth richest person in human history.   King Amenhotep III Heb Sed Plaid shirt  by ЯAM⊙MAR NY. 

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