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Red & White NebMaatRa Ceremonial Trim Sweatpants.

Red & White NebMaatRa Ceremonial Trim Sweatpants.


Red & White
  • Printed Hieroglyphic textile 
  • 50% Cotton 50% Polyester  
  • Machine Wash
  • Drawstring 
  • Zipper back pocket with gold hardware
  • Made in USA
  •  Item shipped within 2-3 Business Days

  The Egyptians adapted observations of birds in nature into Visual and textual language of protection. Another physical concept of protection in Egyptian thought is that of encircling protection, the most familiar form of which is the cartouche(Shnu) depicted as a rope around the name of the king. In this textile falcon wings can be seen around the circle double 'RR' and brand monogram and ankh, replacing the cartouche in a repeated pattern as a form of bodily protection to the wearer. In many of the cases such as the falcon at the back of the king and winged goddess behind gods and Kings, the protector is positioned behind but their wings or arms are wrapped around the object of protection. Vultures, Falcons, winged cobras and winged goddesses are frequently depicted to each side of the cartouche with angled wings representing encompassing protection. The wings of these falcons are not depicted literally around the monogram, but are shown with one wing angled up and the other angled down. However, they are understood conceptually to be around the RR monogram and ankh. The repeated hieroglyphic inscription reads: 'Hr nhk nht m h'i maat nbty smn hpw sgrh tawy hr nbu hps hy sttyw nsw bity nb tawy NbMaatRa SaRa ImnHtpHqaWst di Ankh Ws Djd Djt Mi Ra Nhh" The titulary of Amenhotep III on the bottom trimmings reads , with his five names, beginning with his Horus name was Kanakht Khaemmaat (“Strong Bull, Arising in Thebes”) followed by his Nebty name, Semenhepusegerehtawy (“One establishing laws, pacifying the two lands”) and his Golden Horus name which was Aakhepesh-husetiu (“Great of valour, smiting the Asiatics”). Lastly are his (prenomen), which was “King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the two lands” Neb-maat-ra (“Lord of Truth is Ra”), and his (nomen) which was “The son of Ra” Amenhotep Heqawaset (“Amun is Pleased, Ruler of Thebes) “May he be given life”

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