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Shrine of Asar Dress Shirt

Shrine of Asar Dress Shirt


Black & Multicolor
  • Sacred text and rituals on the body, collar & cuffs. 
  • Dress Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Made in USA
  • Item Ships 3-4 Business Days

 "The king of Upper and Lower Egypt, MenMaatRa, son of Ra Seti Merenptah. Listen thou, excellent King, protector... thy beneficent Deeds are affectious in the necropolis, Thy Monuments are accepted... the lord of the underworld rejoices for thee, Awakening at the counsels, and thy Beauty being in their hearts... To the Ennead, which two guards perform for thee, all that has come into existence for the Majesty rejoices over thee, I am reckoned as one of abinding upon Earth, establishing thy offices and thy  kingship, I am prompted to Triumph, forever. Thy name is placed at the head of the Stars,  thy annals as millions, I have commanded which the Lord of all himself has said, establishing dye Temple like the sky I have been commanded to do the Majesty is therein every day, like Atum in his double sky. I caused that thou mayest know remaining in writing in the presence of Ra in the horizon, writing in the yellow ochre, Engraving in, scribe of thy two truths. I testified to thy beauty I am pleased when I do it in  writing, every god does[...] on their bellies. They say to me with one Accord every day the rememberest our son, we rejoice [....] his name the supports of the sky. I come from the sky together with Ra, I have heard thy affairs , thou art [...] in obedience, his son's see how great is his glory, Horus, arising in Thebes, thou hast filled the shrine with rejoicing through every deed of thine] [....] the sky to the land of Egypt. I found that thou has United it, thou has established  truth within it, it is joined everyone, thou has pacified all the gods, thou hast endowed  their altars, thou has double for them the bread by, a hundred thousand in excess of the daily offerings. Thou has to purify the Chapels and  temples, thou hast replenished their offering table, thou has strengthened Egypt for its Lord,"

Shrine of Asar Dress Shirt  by ЯAM⊙MAR NY.