• Winged Heru Badety Sun Disc


Winged Heru Badety Sun Disc



  • Winged Hru Bedethy with RAMOMAR Monogram
  • Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • Made in USA
  • PRE-ORDER Item Ships Jan 31st 2018


The HruBdth winged sun disc of Ra as a symbol of protection is found on stela and above temple gates since the Middle Kingdom and was during the Ptolemaic period only very rarely worn as a protective amulet. It was called the Behdety, being associated with the god Behdety, who early on merged with Horus and was then known as Horus of Behdet. It was also referred to as the Great Flyer, and in its female form it was associated with Hathor.

Since prehistoric times the idea existed of the heavens as a pair of falcon wings spread out over the world. On a first dynasty comb there is a depiction of a solar barque attached to a pair of wings floating through the sky. The sun disc set between wings is known since the fifth dynasty: the symbol for the heavens had become a solar symbol. By this time Behdety had become identified with Horus, the divine ruler of Egypt, the royal uraeus serpents—protectors of the Egyptian kingship–were added, which since the New Kingdom wore at times the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt respectively. The winged disk now symbolized the divine protection of the king.

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